When you’re full of gas and about to unload.
Bro, I’m chambering so you better step back because I’m about to crop dust this place.
by Kavorka girl February 4, 2019
A sport, in which you take a clear tube open on both ends. One person inserts one end into their ass, and another inserts the other end into their ass. They both then shit simultaneously, whoever's shit makes it into the others ass wins.
Hey man, did you see the new sport chambering in the Olympics? That shit was wild!
by Mr. Neelix March 2, 2021
Same as "Hotbox"; Smoking weed in a car with the windows rolled up.
We rolled up the windows and was chambering.
by A-Nastee December 24, 2007
An individual style of rapping of each members of wu-tang clan. There are 36 chambers in all
GZA feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest, and RZA - 4th Chamber
by sword- June 6, 2004
1) A compartment of other empty room or area inside a building
2) a bedroom
3) the part of the gun that the bullet is loaded in
4) a basic move in martial arts prior to a kick where the leg is raised but the knee remains bent all the way
This chamber is our dining room.
I want to see you in my chambers.
Put the bullet in the chamber to arm it.
by Eridani February 1, 2006
A bastard englishman with a incapacity to care for his fellow man.
1. I hate Chammmbeerss

2. I'm about to open a can of chambers on your ass.
by Viscrack May 15, 2010
To be hugely successful, good looking and to have a rather girthy penis at the same time...

basically to be the pinnacle of man...but with a bigger penis...

The lead singer of the girthy band Battle Street...
Hot Chick 1: Zomgz...that lad is so fxcking hawt....

Hot Chick 2: Oh yeah...he's a total chambers.

Hot Chick 1: Oh dear...I bet his lengthy beaster could knock me around the shop :O !
by Mensil April 26, 2007