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Airsoft campers that have insane ROF airsoft guns. They love being dickbags and ruining the fun of the sport by sitting in a corner with their piece of shit gun and blowing legit players away.
Real player 1: OMG I just got killed by a chairsofter in that corner.

Real player 2: I say we advance on him using actual skill and unload our hicap son full auto on him.

Real player 1: fuck yeah, noobs like him need to learn a lesson
by redstonecrap134 August 28, 2016
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1)Refers to people who boast about their superior knowledge in regards to airsoft, and how they are the best around because they know everything.
At the same time, they seem to know everything, but you will never see them at games.

2)A person who talks a lot about airsoft but never actually plays. One who "airsofts" from their chair.
Any online airsoft forum will have at least three chairsofters.
by DSRK November 16, 2007
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