Instagram term which means “Close Friends list
by Instagram @_Goldendess February 26, 2020
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Originated on Love Nikki gaming forums, now commonly found in Facebook groups.

On a post someone will write "CFL" so that they will get notifications and remember to comment/participate in the post later when they have more free time.
by TeaLynn May 17, 2018
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Colleague For Life

An abbreviation used to refer to someone who you see at work and only talk to about work. It's a similar term to bffl (best friends for life), however is only used in the work environment.
Aminah: Thanks for helping me build that interface.
Jo: No problem, you are my CFL!
by Danisdaman March 27, 2010
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The NFL of Canada. It's not all that bad either. On my vacation in Toronto me and my family watched the Toronto Argonaughts play the Saskatchewan Roughriders, quite an awesome game.

Shouldn't be looked down upon by America.
Seeing all of the pissed off Toronto fans after they lost to the Roughriders was pretty wild too! CFL is some awesome stuff.
by pwnage2tehmax September 30, 2007
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the canadian football league, its a more fast paced and wide open style of football then the nfl, but the talent level is much lower then the nfl as well, as to which league is better you can watch both and make your own decision
I like the nfl better, but cfl is pretty cool too.
by canadain_football_player February 20, 2006
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The CFL is the Canadian Football League.
Many beleive that the CFL is a better more exciting game than the NFL. They just don't have the same money though...
by left4ded April 14, 2005
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