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1. A mobile dress-up game where you follow the story of a cute girl called Nikki and her friends and dress up in beautiful clothes

2. Try to survive without VIP while you anxiously hold together your last 347 diamonds before a new event starts

3. If you thought it had a shitty plot and was a harmless game YOU ARE WRONG

4. It turns pretty political and shit after your Cloud-Godess Lunar gets stabbed by a war-criminal

5. Prepare for suffering and sad backstories in the feature Dream Weaver

6. The fandom has progressed past the need of a (fairly good-looking but an asshole) war-criminal

7. The fandom will protect the precious characters

8. The main-character pretty much gets a harem but her girlfriend Kimi ist still her most beloved

9. Oh also a petty cat that isn't a cat called Momo will roast your styling skills

10. The devs do wierd stuff but try to figure it out without using tumblr to check event-spoilers and advice
"Oh so you play Love Nikki too?"

- Thats a joke because you don't talk to people about it unless it's online
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