Aminah is the sweetest girl known to mankind. She is sweet and affectionate but a bit clumsy. She does not like attention but is always up for a book. Sometimes she is a bit kept to herself. Loves roleplay and art and is really good at it.
Ameera: Who is that over there she just gave me a chocolate bar!

Jollybobmonkey1122: She is Aminah! She is so cool!
by Hxppy December 31, 2020
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She’s amazing she’s beautiful and she has one of the best personalities but aminah is different to amina or amna theses are fake and snakey where as Aminahs are trustable and creative af you’d wanna wife this girl within seconds of knowing her that is IF you get to know her she’s beautiful on the outside and even beter on the inside
Person 1: ouf that girl peng

Person 2: ah yes I know her she’s better when you get close with her

Person 1: she must be an aminah

Person 2: rah Das her name aswell
by Sc:ami.kayx December 9, 2018
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Aminah is a beautiful, pretty and breathe taking girl, she has some incredible almond shaped eyes which are usually hazel. She is incredibly talented and loves to learn new things. Aminah can brighten up a room with her distinctive personality. She's fun, bubbly and extremely kind hearted. Aminah loves to help others and chooses her close ones carefully. However, she is know to have a bit of a short temper which doesn't last too long! She can get moody but buy her Lindor and she'll be happy! A beautiful warm hearted individual.
Hey did you see Aminah walk past?..
Yes! Isn't she just stunning, I wish she was my friend!

Aminah really makes my heart skip a beat.. I wish she would notice me.

I love her eye colour, she must be an Aminah hmm..
by sabrina castelento February 6, 2018
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Aminah is a beautiful girl with a bubbly personality. Aminah in Arabic means “trustworthy” , which she is. Aminah is always there for her friends, and will fight for them if she has to. Don’t start an argument with Aminah because she will win. Aminah has long brown wavy hair, gorgeous light brown eyes and small freckles on her face. Aminah has great a great style. Aminah looked stunning at prom.
by ilikeananaspåpizza April 16, 2020
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Aminah is a really funny gal, she knows how to handle drama, and is always there when you need her. Aminah is really funny, and is such a tik tok legend, she loves to dance along to the cringy tik tok songs, and is the best dancer on earth. However when it comes to her mom, she is as Indian as it gets, it's funny, and we love to laugh at it.
Me: Who is that skinny ass legend over there?
Boy: Oh that's Aminah, she's a sexy bebe, and is mine, so i claim her!
by Tik tok legend April 6, 2019
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A very tall girl...because she said so. And daydreaming is one of her daily routine. She only dream during the day, thus 'daydreaming'. She has a big dream, a dream to go Korea and meet her idol BTS at their concert Rock Zone.
Aminah, what are you doing? 'Day dreaming'
Isn't it too early? No, thus the word day dreaming.
by Anonymous.C135 November 29, 2021
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