CFLS - Crooked Face Lesbian Syndrome. The tendency for crooked-mouthed women to be over represented in the Lesbian community. Also called “Greta vanSusterin Shovel-face Syndrome.”
by ChipSlap July 24, 2018
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Clueless, Friendly, and Lagging. A friend whose heart is in the right place, but can be brainless and does not know half of what is going on, oftentimes dimwitted and mentally slow in social situations. They are slow to pick up social cues, but are still a true friend in the end and just sometimes needing help finding their way.
" My old friend, Johnny, is such a CFL at the party yesterday, I had to constantly repeat myself on where we are going! "
by MicheLin restaurant May 31, 2022
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CFL stands for Cutter For Life.
Self harm or "cutters" who feel like they can never stop will use this abbreviation for some sort of discretion.
I am a CFL.
by Adylinda August 30, 2017
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The football league consisted of wash outs from the NFL with some Arena League and no name NCAA players thrown in the mix.
The CFL is to the NFL what TNA is to WWE.
by TybaltDaGoon July 14, 2022
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