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A beautiful woman who's name means love in the welsh language.

Loves the rugby but also good in the kitchen. She has a great sense of humour.

People with the name Ceris have split personalities, Hard working at work, drama queen in the evening!!!!
rugby beautiful Ceris kitchen drama humour
by Twinkle_babe55 February 28, 2010
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a beautiful small individual girl with a lot of taste and is super hot!!! she does not wear a flannel and is not RBD ,,,, a sexy bitch and sexual from fittyS R US
by j+c........... February 12, 2010
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Ceri is a funny and talented, beautiful person. She is never mean to anyone she is calm and patient.
Wow, you are such a nice Ceri!!
by jbjbjbjb June 01, 2018
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A girl who for some reason thinks she's really smart, but actually shes probably the dumbest person you know, think about it.
Extremely beautiful, shes different to everyone else because she doesn't like to follow the crowd, easily pissed of, and very sensitive but no way will she show it, falls in love easily because shes insecure and always worrying about her looks, even if its not important, she needs a caring man in her life to tell her she's beautiful and treat her like a princess, mostly falls in love with people with names beginning with J,H&C.

But on the other hand, her body is slammin!
Her breasts are not to big or to small, her ass is just the best ass youve ever seen, and shes got a vagina of a pornstar!
You'd be lucky to have hot sweaty moments with this girl, tight as fuck;)! Milk you quicker than a cow could say moooo

Usually have blue or green eyes, a really nice smile and a great sense of humor, you'd be lucky to have this girl as your own.
Person 1: hey, i had to let ceri down last night because im not into relationships..
by SuckerForLove October 20, 2013
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A cute girl, usually a loner. With a great sense of humor. Usually very good at finding out if you're lying. She can usually catch a boys eye, but then again they never go up and her and ask her out.
Girl: I think you're lying to me!
Guy: What are you being a Ceri?
by Kezalot November 09, 2014
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a person who wears flannel, no matter the season. in fact, this person buys seasonal flannel, a.k.a. light breezy summer flannel and heavy stanky winter flannel.
Damn, I wish that Ceri would wear something that doesn't make her look so RBD (raging bull dyke).
by spoifdugoqwe4ihrtguo April 12, 2008
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A person who stalks and creeps on other girls despite having a girlfriend of his own
"Gahhh, Ceri is stalking me again"
by DroopehCaulk August 12, 2012
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