A person who seeks to find a balanced point between ideological extremes.
I am a centrist. I am a vegetarian who doesn't like left-wing liberals and I am married and have kids and live in a small town in a Western state, but I don't like right wing conservatives.
by centrist November 17, 2007
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Someone, whose political compass results come out within three degrees of the centre, who considers their political compass results the height of social sophistication.
Egbert has become such a centristicate since he discovered the alternative media circuits on YouTube.
by coit105 April 28, 2019
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Centristic – a person conceded with the phrase "Back in my day..."
He's so centristic, never stops talking about back in his day. That centristic guy said to be "Back in my day, we didn't have Google" Antiquated Nostalgic Sentimental Archaic Old-Fashioned Dated Out-Dated Aged
by blaydese June 15, 2014
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When someone claims to be a moderate or a centrist due to a belief that both sides of the political spectrum are unreasonable or extreme. Typically used in a negative connotation.
Person 1: I refuse to join a political party because the left and the right have BOTH gone insane!
Person 2: Oh God, you're such an enlightened centrist...
by BobraAnn February 01, 2021
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An Enlightened Centrist/Moderate is a nickname given to mock certain political commentators who call themselves centrists, when their rhetoric suggests otherwise. Unlike typical centrists, who are more balanced with their views and oppose political extremes, Enlightened Centrists use their platform to almost exclusively attack the left while never attacking the right. They go to such lengths to defend any right wing position, that they even do dishonest research and present misinformation that serves a right-wing viewpoint. They don't give the left any charitable interpretation of what they say and often straw man and gaslight the left, especially when the left is calling out alt-right propaganda. These types of centrists have also proven to be Useful idiots for the alt-right, often jumping to the defense of alt-right figures who spin any challenge or opposition to their rhetoric or punishment for their actions as an "attack on free speech". This type of gullibility and manipulation has been proven to be a recruiting method for the alt-right as is presents the alt-righters as misunderstood centrists themselves, who are being silenced by the "evil SJWs", causing the Enlightened Centrist's audience to become sympathetic towards them, and eager to visit their platform, where the radicalization will take place. Enlightened Cenrists are centrists in name only, and should not be trusted.
Person 1: The "OK" hand-sign has been co-opted by white supremacists and has been turned into a racist dog whistle
Person 3: No, Person 1 didn't say the okay the "OK" hand-sign is racist, but that racist have turned it into a signal. You Enlightened Centrist types really need to stop being so gullible
by SkateWRes May 27, 2019
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To be someone with high class, to understand both sides of the political spectrum. A Radical Centrist is usually someone who is interested in politics, they acknowledge the difficulties of both sides without being ignorant to another side.
Wow, Josh, you are such a smart person, you must be a Radical Centrist!
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the increased ability to focus on more than on aspect of a stimulus in an infant ages between 7 to 12 years of age.
They can understand the concept of grouping.
In Psychology centristic thought is Knowing that a small dog and a large dog are still both dogs.
by Saymou bestie January 17, 2015
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