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Glasgow Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888 by Brother Walfrid. Brother Walfrid helped Irish immigrants at the time as the bigoted Protestant Scots would not give any Catholics jobs and tried to drive them from Scotland.

Despite the anti-Catholic bigotry in Scotland Celtic became very succesful very quickly. Despit etheir city rivals, rangers, having a sectarian policy of only signing Protestant players Glasgow Celtic have never had any such policy and have ALWAYS signed any players regardless of religion. Jock Stein, a Protestant himself, once actually said that he would sign a Protestant player first as he knew he could go back for the Catholic player at any time as rangers would never touch them.

Glasgow Celtic's strip is one of the most famous in the world being green and white hoops. This hasn't changed in over 100 years.

Glasgow Celtic are the only Scottish team to have ever won the European Cup and they did it with 11 Scotish players. they also reached the European Cup final a couple of years later but lost to Feyanoord. No other Scotish club has even reached the European Cup final. In the same era Celtic won the league title 9 times in a row which at the time was a world record.

Celtics honours list is the greatest in Scottish football having won more different trophies than any other club. These include the European Cup, The League, The League Cup, The Scottish Cup, The Coronation Cup, The Empire Exhibition Cup and the Glasgow Cup.

The Celtic supporters are the greatest supporters in the world and have proved this time and again. An example of this was in 2003 when FIFA and UEFA awarded them with the title of Best Fans. This is in stark contrast to their city rivals rangers fans who are constantly fighting and being warned by UEFA. The most recent example of this was in 2005 when they were charged for singing sectarian songs.

Despite the bigotry and bias of the Scottish media and the SFA in trying to degrade Glasgow Celtic by demanding that they take down the Irish Tricolour and asking their fans to stop singing the songs of their native land, Glasgow Celtic are a very succesful and dignified club. Without a doubt the greatest club in the world. TIOCFAIDH AR LA
Glasgow Celtic Football Club are the only Scottish club EVER to win the European Cup
by Francis Hughes October 12, 2006
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One of Scotland's Old Firm clubs. Founded by Brother Walfrid, a Catholic priest who started the club in order to raise money for the poor and oppressed Irish/Catholic immigrants in Glasgow. Constantly shamed by rivals Rangers FC, whose repeated racist and heavily sectarian chanting at matches has led to UEFA punishments, but Celtic supporters are best known for their "Greatest Fans in the World" title given them after UEFA gave them the Fair Play award for their spectacular support, something never before given to a fan base. Despite this, Celtic are accused by Rangers of singing sectarian songs at matches (even though the songs are actually political and sectarianism is only used because the accusers do not know the difference). Though there are small factions of Celtic supporters who do this, the vast majority have nothing to do with it, a somewhat different situation than their famous rivals. Celtic was the first team to win the European Cup from Britain, in 1967, and did so famously with 11 men all born within 20 miles of their stadium, Celtic Park, a feat surely never to be matched. That team is called the "Lisbon Lions" named for the city in which they lifted the trophy, beating Inter Milan 2-1. They are the current reigning champions in the Scottish Premier League and have won the competition
The Celtic Football Club is the only Scottish side to win the European Cup.
by duaifuindfgunsdiuganfuidfn September 18, 2006
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Scottish football team; their fans are/wish they were Irish, hence the numerous Irish Republic flags dotted around the stadium on match day and the pro-IRA / Republican songs sung on match day. Celtic are also famous for winning the European Cup once, reaching the UEFA cup final (and losing to Porto 3-2) and their boys club abusing their child players. There is rumour that the full team manager at the time (Jock Stein) actually knew about this and tried to cover it up (Search for: Big Jock Knew/Knows).
The fans, generally non-working, filthy scum from the cesspits of a glasgow scheme, usually have about 5-9 children, contributing to the demise of what was once the proud city of Glasgow, by filling it with neds that would stab you in the blink of an eye.
The typical conversation of a Celtic Football Club supporter;

"Henrik Larssen man, he's ra king by ra way"
"Any spare change for a bottle of bucky man?"
"Sellik, sellik, etc."
"When's giro day ma man, am pure dyin for some scag"
"I pure wish ah was Irish"
"Ah want away fae this Britain pish but ah don't really care cos am movin tae Dublin when ah get ma next giro, or mibbe al jist nick ma next door neighbour's tele, know what a mean John-Paul?"
by Proud Glaswegian March 07, 2007
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Celtic football club is a club in Glasgow supported by terrorists and paedophiles. The fans are well known for not getting washed and because of this they stink. They will always live in the shadow of the mighty Glasgow Rangers.
Defined .

Me. Who are we playing this weekend?

Friend. Celtic football club

Me. Ah i better not take the kids to that one then.
by Geordiejock March 15, 2018
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Second best team in Scotland who strive to be as good as there Rivals Glasgow Rangers but never can or will
They are supported by Tattie munchen tarriers also known as the great unwashed.
They ( there supporters) are usually People who scrounge off the Department of social security as they are lazy and dont work hence the nickname for the stadium " The San Giro"
Look at that dirty smelly tarrier at the celtic football club end
by broxibear August 29, 2009
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