A list created by the individuals of a monogomous relationship at the point of becoming exclusive in order to notate which celebrities they are allowed to have sex with, if given the opportunity, and will not have committed any kind of wrong-doing that may conflict with the current terms of monogomy agreed upon by the individuals of the relationship. The details, such as number of times sex is allowed, sexual acts perform such as oral, anal, and various positions, must be decided by the couple. This term is derived from the TV show Entourage, Season 3 Episode 10. This may also be known as a "Celeb list".
"I had sex with Jennifer Aniston and my girlfriend couldn't complain because she knew that Jennifer Aniston was on my celebrity list."
by jolpyman2 August 29, 2006
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Usually an ex-reality show star or marginally talented has-been actor/entertainer who hasn't grasped that their 15 minutes of fame expired at least 26 months ago. Often seen on game shows, Home Shopping Network, Dancing With The Stars, infomercials at 3:00am, VH-1, truTV, even worse reality shows, or Where Are They Now? blurbs on Facebook.

They aggressively pursue facetime on TV for interviews or insert themselves into Hollywood galas to which they have not been invited. Occasionally they will create personal drama, no matter how embarrassing, believing that no publicity is bad publicity.

Years ago these has-beens quietly went to Love Boat but now we can't get shed of them.
And now, drumroll for the latest z-list celebrity rollcall:

Kate Gosselin, (at least Jon finally has a real job), Octomom, Gary Busey, Shannon Doherty, Kevin Federline, Todd Bridges
by ratsypoo March 2, 2014
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Typically someone who is famous yet few can understand why. They are a perfect example of the "famous for being famous" paradox. Many of these people had a reason at one stage to be famous but memory of this has long since faded. In older days, the c-list was typically populated by people such as Jordan and Paris Hilton. Now with the reality television explosion, the list has grown.

C-list celebrities have difficult understand that they are really not that famous. This leads to amusing incidents where a c-list, on being told that they can't order the Pizza Hut buffet after 5pm will become angry and ask "Do you know who I am"?

A c-list doesn't need any kind of skills other than being a shameless self-publicist. Jade Goody is a good example. Although she quickly developed a reputation for being utterly thick during her stint on Big Brother, this did not stop her from carving out a career as a c-list.

Ultimately pointless. The modern day equivalent of the Roman idea of giving the people bread and circuses.
June: Have you seen the latest Hello magazine, Jordan is on the front page again. More revelations about that poor bastard of a kid she has.
Sarah: She's a c-list celebrity, she'll do anything to make sure her face is in the magazines, even if that means exploiting a child.
June: What exactly does Jordan do?
Sarah: No-one knows but she must be good at something. No-one can be this famous yet appear to have no useful abilities?
by thepreacher May 3, 2006
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a person who considers themselves to be a celebrity when they really aren't. they are the stereotypical "one hit wonder" or "nobody" and when referenced people say "who is that?". they usually have lost all of their money and are terribly desperate for attention. a typical z-lister will be on or will host a game show or reality show (such as dancing with the stars, flavor/rock of love type show, celebrity fit club, or a regular show uses "celebrity" twist to get ratings). they like to announce their presence in public places, and will usually call paparazzi with their location in hopes of getting mentioned on TV, internet, or a magazine. the overly obnoxious z-lister will do annoying things and will be really loud in public. Even resorting to talking in the 3rd person to try and jog people's memory with the name. if a z-lister has a fan base, it consists of the most deperate middle-aged/menopausal women who had hopes of being the celebrity girlfriend/wife, but only have a chance with a Z-lister.
what is the list of z-list celebrities on this season's Dancing with the Stars?

Scott Baio is 46 and preganant??? Since when does that Z-list celebrity have a show?

VH1 hires all of the z-list celebrities.

Robert Loggia? Who is that? Is he some sort of z-list celebrity.

annoying things done in public would include
-when asked to spell name, they say each letter individually with an example (D as in don O as in OMG it's don N as in no way that's don)
-speaking loudly in 3rd person
-talking to people that they don't know and mentioning their second shot of fame, also very loudly
-posting news about themselves on a website
-calling paparazzi and paying them to sell his/her story
-making a scene in public to get attention (even if it's negative. attention is attention)
by Alx Nichole February 5, 2008
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A D-List celebrity is simply a person who is known simply through social networks, a person who has made a name for them selves through social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or what ever else is out there.

D-List celebrities are not necessarily known for there talents but work put in, in areas such as video production, photography, game play or even just simple creativity and originality.
Person 1; "Is Nash Grier Even Actually Famous?"
Person 2; "No!, Hes What You Call A D-Lister (d-list celebrities"
by truebloodking July 19, 2014
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People on this list are usually "famous for being famous" or reality show stars. To qualify to be called a "C-lister" you must be blissfully unaware that you aren't as famous as you claim to be or have received more fame than is proportional to your skills and talent.
by GarBear The Man January 9, 2009
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A celebrity who is famous for uploading videos online at sights like You-tube.
Patty mayo is the latest Y-list celebrity to get a major television deal.
by betcon May 3, 2007
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