Similar to a strip search but instead of being searched on the external parts of your body, cavity searches are searches on the inside of your anus canal. It is common when Police Officers or Border Patrol suspect someone of carrying drugs, weapons, or money inside of their bodies.
Jose: My cousin Santos is an American citizen so he tried to bring Juan to America through the border but the they did a cavity search on Santos and they found Juan inside his ass esse.
by killer_taco June 16, 2008
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What airport security officers do to you if you blink wrong.

Imagine a group of people putting gloves on and taking turns shoving it really far up your ass.
Airport cop: Name?

b: {very arabic name}

Airport cop: Come with me, please.

b: God dammit, it's an anal cavity search, isn't it?

Airport cop: Don't worry, we're only violating a COUPLE of your rights..

*glove snaps*
by Name removed by the NSA January 3, 2014
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The night about age eight a boyl loses his anus to a eight foot cop
Cavity search hurts worse than salt in the eyes and leaves goo in your ass
by Cody5050 January 25, 2022
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