if your last name is Causer you stink
EW is that a Stinky boi with the last name Causer
by dgadgadfgdfgf May 27, 2021
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mad kiddy fiddling fucker who likes to inflict pain on people who dont retaliate. Like particualrly to stab Boni in the leg with a compass in maths (check the word Boni on www.urbandictionary.com). All because Boni fucked his mum in thirteen different ways.
-take this boni
-I had your mum, smell your mum *offers hand*
-You bastard (and stabs)
by LeVeL 27 BoY December 20, 2003
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A person who believes in the “Lost Cause” myth of the American Civil War, A myth stating that the south didn’t fight for slavery.

A large majority of neo confederates are lost causers.
History teacher: name one of the things that the Civil War was mainly fought over
Student A:slavery

Student b, a lost causer: no it wasn’t: that’s a lie! It was fought over taxes and the north wanted to pillage the south so the sales for back!
by PonianYoutube August 05, 2021
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If you have this for a last name, you a very poggers and a credit to society, People often tease this person for there interests and frame them but do they care? No.
Wow! Here comes *A Name* Edwards-Causer. they look very poggers today
by Matthew EC November 25, 2021
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Someone or something that makes things soggy.
Salsa, beans, guac, and sour cream are soggy causers and ruin my nachos.

My boyfriend/girlfriend is a soggy causer because they're too hot and make me sweat when we cuddle.
by Singularsam August 17, 2018
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