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A sexy beast who fucks the women all night long. He has a huge cock and I mean HUGE.

Everybody looks at his cock when they walk past him. All the chicks have an orgasm when they see him

Also, he has a huge cock
Oh, did I mention his cocks huge?
Guy 1: NGL j-dawgarooni has a HUGE COCK

Girl 1: yeah ikr, I wanna give him a Johnny quango (wank)
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To shit yourself / get scared
I nearly got caugh wanking and I kekked myself
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Junior Ainsworth is a hunky god. He has an 8 pack, a massive 8.5 inch cock, he’s 6’2 and he knows how to treat the ladies well.

Samantha Thompson (kalebs fit mum) has the tightest pussy and the fattest ass on the planet. One day I will fuck her. One day.
Samantha wants juniors cock cuz he’s a hunky god
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Zoo wee mama is what u say when u see a fit chick
Zoo wee mama kalebs mum is looking fine
by Joe mama gay Ni🅱️🅱️a September 13, 2021
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