The racist combination of "caucasian" and "audacity" used to describe the "audacity" of things that only "caucasians" would do. Used by ignorant people who have nothing better to do than further stem racism in the world for some reason.
Person1: Damn, he left his car unlocked.
Person2: Must be a dumb white fool.
Person1: The caucacity of some people.

Person2: Stupid crackers.
by ChickenNuggetSupreme June 04, 2020
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The audacity or tendency of Caucasian individuals to partake in activities viewed as irrational by most other demographics.
Can you believe she slept with her big brother, the Caucacity!
by DGNoel March 27, 2018
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A caucasian person having the assuming audacity to tell anybody who is not caucasian what to do and what not to do.
The caucacity of this woman, telling the black man in front of her, that he is on the wrong line for priority boarding , assuming he doesn't have a priority ticket, due to his appearance.
by Nowudoneit December 05, 2017
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When white people have the nerve to behave as though they're actual human beings even though they were all born to be racist monsters, or when they say anything negative, true or not*, about any non-white person.

*When a white person says anything about any non-white person, it is automatically rendered untrue unless it is sufficiently pandering and reflects a proper amount of self-loathing due to the speaker having chosen, before birth, to be white.
White Devil: "Yo, man-- it was wrong as fuck for Bill Cosby to rape all those women."

POC: "I can't believe you have the caucacity to say that shit about a true African-American hero."

White Devil: "But I heard Dave Chappelle say the same shit, man."

POC: "It's true when he says it, but it's wrong and racist as fuck when it comes from your white devil mouth. It takes a lot of caucacity to blame your previous caucacity on another African-American hero. I get to hit you now because the caucacity of your words is equal to a physical assault on me."
by AverageWhiteMan July 22, 2018
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