Catsuits may refer to tight-fitting body suits, basically made from latex material. They may also be in leather or pvc form. These are usually wore by women as a fetish purpose or fashion. Men can be strongly attracted to these.
Denise Richards in the movie "Undercover Brother", which was released in 2002, plays her role as a character in a tight, white, leather catsuit.
by doesitlikenoother June 6, 2010
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a latex catsuit is a skin tight "usually black colored" shiny from ankle to wrist zippered bodysuit usually worn by women
britney spears was wearing a red latex catsuits in her 2000 music video "Oops i did it again"
by Joe Smith 2 August 6, 2007
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A cat that appears to be rather too large to be a cat!
While walking down the street at night, Susie gasped in amazement "look, there's a dog... oh no, it's just a dog in a catsuit!"
by SusieSusieSue August 12, 2009
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The act of buying something really expensive at a place and it is 10 times cheaper everywhere else
i went to the store and bought a catsuit i liked for $75, later i checked the interwebz for it and every website i went to it was $20. i was just Catsuiting
by Midgeyjewsweets January 30, 2015
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