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An unhealthy burger from a takeaway or pizza shop that somehow resembles something edible and tasty when drunk, but to the sober eye is blatently pure evil and not fit for human consumption!
Kerry: Joe, I fancy a dirt burger on the way home.
Sue (who is nicknamed Joe but is actually called Sue): Ooooh good plan batman. Garlic mayo or chilli dressing??
Kerry: Definately garlic mayo.
Sue: Hmmm, garlic mayo makes the best dirt burger.
by SusieSusieSue January 26, 2010
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To devour with speed and accuracy.
After drinking vodka and redbull all night, Susie arse raped a pizza, much to the amazement of Victoria!
by SusieSusieSue August 12, 2009
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A cat that appears to be rather too large to be a cat!
While walking down the street at night, Susie gasped in amazement "look, there's a dog... oh no, it's just a dog in a catsuit!"
by SusieSusieSue August 12, 2009
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