A Cathy is a great friend to have. Even though she may be a little crazy, she’s super fun to be around. Cathy is generous and would never try to hurt anyone, unless they hurt her first. Cathy is beautiful and likes to swear. She is a lot smart than she leads on, and likes to keep everything low key.Cathy is pretty quiet at first, but once you get past the ice breaker she’s the most perfect person you’ll even meet.
Cathy is the most amazing person ever! I wish I could see her everyday!
by Pumpkinpielover2005 March 4, 2019
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1) An antisocial hotty with a body. Too mellow to create or get lost in drama. Athletic/a gymnast, smart/wise, creative, open-minded, and hott; ideal. Also: silly, caring, considerate, daring, polite; liked by everybody.
2) A creative fiend, artsy, a thinker; is frustrating to others who don't understand her and/or can't get "with her."
3) Has a frightening willigness to attempt to make chloroform, despite not understanding the chemistry
4) Designs sexy themed lingerie and is damn good at it. Eg: Tennis, Dutch, hiphop, etc...
-Damn. she so crazy. and I can't understand her
-but she's hot, and imagine the gymnastic possibilities
-Damn. ::sigh:: the quandry that is crazy cathie
by who, me? February 14, 2005
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to take over a copy-machine. To run off a million pages of lab materials for students, while others patiently wait to use the machine.
to unknowingly take worksheets
to send a class into your room and disrupt your whole lesson so they can borrow something
to rudely interrupt someone in the middle of a conversation
"I was going to get my lessons ready, but the copy machine is Cathied, now."
"OMG, I have been Cathied! Someone placed their book onto my stack of lessons and took them!"
"My lecture today was totally Cathied, by 5 students coming in and asking for work."
"Don't Cathy my Conversation!"
by bunnybone October 24, 2011
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a person thats says one thing but does another,
man duan is being such a cathy
by its me fool June 30, 2010
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code name for cocaine, but personifies the word.
yo guys, lets hang out with cathy tonight
hey where's cathy
that bitch cathy is amazing
by marecare September 22, 2005
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A catholic person. Word used by non-catholic people.
" Dude, she had to go to church the little cathy.
by mamaluigitoast July 13, 2008
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The act of being extremely interesting, smart, cool, athletic, and just about every positive thing that a person can be.
Wow you were so Cathy!

I wish I were as Cathy as you!

Man you are so Cathy. If I were that Cathy I'd probably would have a pretty Cathy life!
by Hashamagua February 17, 2008
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