Just like a public school but you got to wear disgusting uniform and have to wait for your teacher to finish up her post on facebook, the wannabe gangster that are crazier then real life gangster and posting dick pics on snap. The girls got thick bodies that no one can’t stop looking and the ugly ones act like blood thirsty hoes looking to date any nigga
Catholic High School white boys are pussy and all they do is talk shit threw there phones and try to steal there parents rum chata and drink it on snap.
by Orange Bobbie January 10, 2019
Basically like Public High School, but worse. You have to wear itchy, uncomfortable uniforms that make you look like a loser when you are out in public. Also, everyone in the school is the same gender, so if you are a boy, you get to hang out with those sweaty bastards for 4 years. You have 0 chance over ever having fun at a Catholic High school. Half of your classes are taught by priests or nuns, and they will expel your ass for even the tiniest thing. Learning religion is a crock. Unless you plan on becoming a priest when you graduate, these classes are useless. All Catholic schools were built over 9000 years ago, and only have enough room for 300 kids, but there's 1200 fuckers scurrying through the halls just to get to their next class.
Dude, why did you go to a Catholic High School?

It gives me a more religious and fulfilling experience.

Pfft-HAHAHHAH! Oh, you're serious. Let me laugh even louder. AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH!
by i-i-i-hate it September 16, 2010
a magical place where you find your long life friends. you wear uniforms that are unique to your school and you don’t have the stress of finding an outfit like public schools do. there are amazingly hot guys walking around your school. you walk around knowing everyone and there’s no judgment in wearing a uniform or how you look because no one cares. you find your long life soul mate here and you most likely will get married to them. public school kids always wonder how we pass classes and it’s because the kid in front of us or next to us is really smart. we are all in this together and no one snitches because snitches get stitches. the sports at these schools is A1 which is the reason some people go here. we all know our alma mater and sing in with glee. we all know our quote that guides us “faithfulness merits the crown.” and les not forget our dear Father Paul that is amazing.
catholic high school- a place where no one judges you because no one cares and is just looking for a college to go to.
by gioiaflip November 8, 2018
A cat piss colored building filled mostly with pretentious entitled a**holes. If you’re not a dealer or don’t play a sport, just give up. Every once in a while, you’ll get an athlete that’s also a band kid, and they’re like a unicorn. Rare breed. The kids at this school are so bad that the freshmen literally gutted a bathroom. Sinks, toilets, stall doors, soap dispensers, air dryers...gone. Never to be seen again. If you find yourself stuck in this building, leave immediately.
Person 1: Doesn’t he go to Bethlehem Catholic High School?
Person 2: Yeah, stay away from him.
by sammichhh January 5, 2021
An all girls high school where the girls resemble cattle
Why are the girls from The Catholic High School of Baltimore eating everything
by I can count January 21, 2015
a school where parents pay 12,000 dollars for their kids to be getting C’s and D’s on their report card. also a place where juuling has become the biggest issue and you no longer can sit in your own car for 5 mins because teachers think your up to something
east catholic high school “home of the juuls
by wjaodhebqksodidhe hi December 9, 2017
A private high school in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Only volleyball girls go here, all guys are either gay or dj’s and also Sydney Mclaughlin. UC is pretty much a public school and breeds non-binary, they/thems.
Girl: Do u go to Seton hall Prep or Delbarton?
Boy: No I go to Union Catholic High school
Girl: Lol (walks away)
by BobMarley213 November 14, 2021