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The act of pinning your partner face down, buns up whilst mounting from behind pressing the face down into the bed, ground, carpet, rug, sofa, etc... Just like an alley cat bones his mate. Howling and unrecognizable noises are encouraged in order to wake the neighbors!
I got home after a particularly long day at the office, walked into my house and cat fucked my girl without warning.
by Shav Glephic January 24, 2018
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1. n. An example of a small-scale internet meme, acknowledged by a small, yet cult-ishly devoted fan base. Derived from the myspace song "Catfuck" by "Leah and Simon".
"I love how everyone has started writing 'thank you' as 'thx1138', it's becoming a total catfuck"
by HELPFULGUY July 10, 2008
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