Cat Ears are superior to Bunny Ears. And the dictionary is always right.
Omfg, furries are freaking sexay. Them in their cat ears.
by Adrian/SB992 September 23, 2004
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A tall emo/scene girl from Halesowen who wears a variety of cat ears
Person: have you seen cat ears today?
Person 2: yh yh she’s in block 7, the fucking greeb.
by I'm not o fucking Kay February 6, 2018
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virginity, not having had sex, a great gift from a woman to a man, something that many women are proud to have and men are ashamed to, originally termed from loveless, a yaoi anime.
Samantha : I saw Beth go home with Bill.

Sara : I bet they were trying to figure out how to lose their cat ears all night long.
by LaPluma September 21, 2009
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the ears of a cat...

THE EARS OF A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(commonly found in the gang of the long-haired trench coaties with "OH PAPA! YOU GOT ME A PONY!?" tails)
oh my Rumphius, those are quite the cat ears your wearing today! Your a true trend setter! like the Cats Meow!!! (Rumphius say: come here right MEOW!)
by Jimmy99827 May 15, 2008
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Like a dog-ear, but bent rather than folded. Meant to be temporary and used on a group of pages.
classmate 1: Hey, what page was chapter 2 at?
classmate 2: Here, I used a cat-ear so I could skip right ahead to it... It's at page 59
by Jagans September 20, 2010
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Used to describe virginity. Inspired by the Japanese manga "Loveless," where humans are born with feline ears as well as tails (males and females alike). After having sexual intercourse, their ears and tails fall off. It is used as a sign of purity and innocence.
No, I've never had sex. Still have my cat ears and tail, as they would say.
by zpat July 7, 2006
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