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A name commonly given to the hardest motherfucker in civilian clothes. Naturally strong, very attractive, and doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks.
You really are gonna fuck with that Casto dude?
Hell yeah..
Aight, Good luck with that..
by KKAindustries December 09, 2011
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Very muscular, sexcy,attractive and so handsome, nice when u get to know him .. but at first he wonโ€™t give you the time of day. Always tuffin any situation that comes his way Heโ€™s definitely a leader not a follower!!
Have u met casto? No everyone steers clear he donโ€™t seem to b nice to just anyone!
by Tinie420 April 22, 2018
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Most Casto's are some bad ass motherfuckers and don't give two shits about what you think. They have giant ass cocks and fuck more than a jack rabbit with a hard on. If you fight a Casto be prepared for a hell of a hospital bill. They are naturally attractive, very seductive, and very strong. They like to spend they're free time rubbin' snuff or vaping. They also like to fish, hunt, and go muddin'. That's only when they're not fucking your mom.
Did you see that Casto kick three guys asses at once?
by Big D Casto August 17, 2018
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