Kind, loving, beautiful and above all, sweeter than pumpkin pie. Cassie is a girl who loves to talk, but is a great listener and did I mention she was beautiful? She's a great girl, whether she is a friend or a girlfriend, having a Cassie in your life definitely makes everything brighter! In other words, she's perfect.
Guy1: Hey, have you met that Cassie?

Guy2: Oh yeah! she's totally a Cassie!
by Anonymous195873589273412 August 15, 2011
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Sexy girlfriend, you will never want to miss out on her...
"whos your girlfriend?"
by MyGuyJ November 30, 2018
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Fashionista at first glance, but not at all bitch-like. Brown haired, hazel eyes, very sweet. Tall, but not intimidating.
Aw, man, that pretty girl in my science is such a Cassie
by powerslappers February 02, 2009
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To be slightly mad, absent minded and self destructive. They are generally beautiful people in and out. A word coined from the e4 drama skins featuring the character "Cassie".
Person 1: What's up with that guy?

Person2: Oh him, he's just a bit Cassie.
by drearydreary13 February 25, 2008
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A fun loving creature with a passion for animals. Cassie's generally love with their entire heart. Cassie's tend to be on the shy side in a social setting where they are out of their element. When a Cassie is quiet she is taking it all in and is analyzing her surroundings. Cassie's are faithful and totally lovable. If you are able to crack the code, you will have their heart forever. You can spot a Cassie from a mile away by catching a glimpse of their beautiful hazel eyes and kissable lips. Cassie's are generally of the caucation race, however they have been confused for African-Americans from time to time by the unbelievable backsides. Be careful and approach a Cassie very carefully, they could steal your heart.
Me : Wow wonder what her name is ?
Friend : It's Cassie...duh that backside is a dead giveaway.
Me: Oh yeah, you are right I see the beautiful hazel eyes now. Do you think she would give me her number?

Friend: Don't be Ridiculous !
by Je21 March 08, 2016
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Cassie is an artistic girl, to her overactive imagination to her amazing drawings. She is quite secretive and can be very emotional, she also can share her most deep secrets with her closest and bestest friends. Her dreams are wild and she always likes to have a fun time. She makes an amazing girlfriend and an extraordinary bestfriend will never break your heart. Though if you get on her bad side she will.. let's just say, she'll f*** you up, heh. Oh! did I mention that she makes an awesome bestfriend? 😄😜
Boy 1: Did you see Cassie?
Boy 2: Yeah! She's so pretty!

Girl 1: That Cassie girl is so smart and gorgeous!
Girl 2: Ya! And I heard she had the bestest friends!
by ur mums eyebrow April 10, 2018
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