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A wonderful person to be around. All around Cassie's are smart, beautiful, funny and loyal. Although she may seem shy at first, she will open up and show you her amazing personality. Cassie's make VERY good friends. They are loyal, very forgiving, protective and easy to talk to. Although some people dont realize how great Cassie's really can be. She often has GORGEOUS green eyes! If you know anyone named Cassie, I would get to know her! She will be the BEST friend and or girlfriend you will ever have gaurenteed :)
Wow I just met this girl named Cassie, she is amazing!!!

Damn, look at those gorgeous eyes and hot bod! She is most definitley a Cassie!!!
by xoxoxogossipgirl March 30, 2011

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A students worst nightmare. This is a name for a teacher who gives a boatload of homework assignments but then doesn't look at them or grade them. You do not want to have a Legary at any point in time.
student 1: *looks at schedule* I have mrs. (enter teacher name) for science
student 2: Dude! That teacher is a total Legary!

student 1: *dies*
by xoxoxoGossipGirl September 09, 2014

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