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The greatest wife,mother,and best friend ever..She's the type of girl that blows her college tuition on you, just so she can hang out with you.She's that girl that followed you around for 6 years before you gave her a chance.She's that girl who didn't turn her back on you while you were be a lying douche bag. She's that girl you marry, and live the rest of your life with. She's the woman you have babys with and grow old together with.SHE'S YOUR EVERYTHING!
Guy1:Hey see that hotty over there?

Guy2: Yea!

Guy1: Imma make her my Cassey!
by PETER PAN! THE MAN September 16, 2012
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There isn't much to say as I don't have words enough to describe her. How can you describe the girl that you are so madly in love with? The one who I look forward to meeting every morning I wake up? The one who stole my heart without even realizing it? The one who never ceases to amaze me every day?

I know that she has other things to think about, and as such I keep her at bay. But I long for a day when I could just... talk to her about how I genuinely feel. And I hope that she feels the same way.

When she looks up her name on Urban Dictionary, scrolls down to see this definition past all others, she will know that it was me who wrote all the sappy shit on the page, and know the true feelings hiding behind my cold exterior.
by sun-uv-a-bee-atch April 19, 2018
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