(v) To Beautiful Mind. Getting awful results that don't make sense, obtained using the most insane and convoluted ways possible.

Most popular when used in the past tense- Beautiful Minded.
Coworker 1: How did that idiot screw up this report?

Coworker 2: He Beautiful Minded it. He looked up the wrong essay and used the wrong formula to get his numbers.

When Jason was asked to write an essay for English class about how the world would be a better place if humans acted together more like a "V" of Geese, he Beautiful Minded together an essay about the downfall of society caused by everyone turning into birds.
by BooUrns28 March 07, 2011
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this refers to a person who does something seemingly irrational, pointless, stupid, fucked up, unthinkable (like the thought would never ever cross your mind), etc. in an attempt to solve a problem, complete a task, etc. Then, that person accomplishes said problem or task by their unorthodox solution and leaves others astonished that the idea worked. It is at this time someone would say this simile.
Jake had to put away the pool chairs, so to minimize the number of trips, he used a soda cooler with wheels to cart many chairs. He did this by balancing a chair on the edges of the open-topped cooler, then stacking the other chairs on that one. This plan seemed bound to fail, but when he succeeded some one said, "he's like a beautiful mind."
by toledo999 September 17, 2011
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