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A very annoyed Scotsman, A derived meaning from Salty
That Carrot Face was extremely mad last night,

Carrot Face wasn't very good at Counter Strike, so he got carried.
by tchazinator September 06, 2015
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Someone who has eaten so many carrots that their skin has turned slightly orange.
Because of my vegetarianism, I like to eat loads of veggies and carrots, so I am a Carrot Face.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 11, 2009
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A person who has the worst possible dental hygien in the entire Galaxy. His/her teeth is out of place and there breaths smell like sulfuric acid any person who inhales there volatile will be immediately struck with nausea.
Hey looks that guy named Hayden watterson is a carrot face!!!
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by Rich chigga October 18, 2017
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