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when you are a crack and/or meth head and you look all over the ground (that you put your hard drugs on or near), all over the carpet, and desks, tables, etc., and you are desperately looking for any little piece of the drug to snort or smoke, cause you're a tweaker, and you need the drugs so bad. this is also called tweaking. the person has to be real serious about it, his head real close to the ground scanning it like he's a Terminator idenifying objects. and it looks real sad to the observer, cause the person is acting crazy.
"fernando, what are you doing?"
fernando: "shuddup fool, shuddup. there's still a few pieces/some shit around here." *is looking super close to the table and around the carpet*
"dude, you've been doing that for like an hour now. let's go."
"(we'll go in) just a sec."
*30 minutes pass*
"what the fuck fernando, let's go"
*grabs fernando and pulls him out of the room*
*later on telling another friend what fernando was doing and why it took so long to meet him*
"fernando was carpet sharking(/tweaking) again."
by Crank the Klown October 01, 2006
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