5 definitions by Elisa Altamira

The eyelid is full and the eyes are prominent, beautiful, gorgeous, rare and exotic. The eyes are big and usually brown. Some may be hazel persian eyes. The most beautiful eyes found in the Middle East and West Asia.
Look at that girl she has persian eyes oooh la..la! So gorgeous!
by Elisa Altamira November 6, 2007
Female bitch in Panama and an easy lay in Mexico.
Hola perra kieres cojer conmigo?
(Hi bitch do you wanna fuck with me?)

Su novia es una perra no me cae bien
(His girlfriend is a real bitch I don't get along with her)
by Elisa Altamira November 6, 2007
The coolest Italian American actress besides Mira Sorvino. She has a beautiful smile and looks that could knock any guy dead. She has that perfect combination of naughty and nice that keeps everyone wanting more. The only woman capable of turning straight girls into lesbians.
Alyssa Milano is such a great actress and so damn beautiful.
by Elisa Altamira November 6, 2007
A beautiful girl with a carmel skin complexion. Her skin looks like Carmel. Very edible.
Mira esa Carmelita!!!

Look at that carmel skinned girl!
by Elisa Altamira March 3, 2007
A super hot uber goth girl, the epitome of the goth scence. Femme Fatale. The Cat's Meow of the Goth Community.
Woah! Check out that Gothica she is something else.
by Elisa Altamira March 3, 2007