When you get fucked so good in the moment you feel no pain. But the next morning you feel so sore it's like you were in a car wreck.
" Yo, I car wrecked my girl last night so bad she gotta call out of work."
"Sally got car wrecked the other night so she couldn't sit properly when getting dinner with Jack."
by Sampy&Stumpy June 16, 2017
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Social political feel-good agendas which are fiscally unfeasible and unsustainable and which eventually destroy the good object from which the improvement is demanded.
Demands of political car-wreckness were made for car companies to comply with social or fictitious save-the-earth global warming standards to the point they went bankrupt.
by E. Murphy June 26, 2009
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Any television show that reasonably intelligent people would describe as horrible but many people watch religiously anyway because it is just so bad they can't bring themselves to look away or change the channel or, God forbid, turn the tv off. Most "reality" tv shows would fall under this category.
"I can't wait to get home and watch Survivor, Beauty and the Geek and The Apprentice. Too bad I'll have to Tivo American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Just can't get enough of that car wreck tv!"
by "T$" April 23, 2008
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After receiving fellatio, the man ejaculates into the woman's face, then bounces her head off a door jam.
She gave good head, but the turkish car wreck went well...
by Feed me a stray cat September 22, 2010
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It all started when mort the part lemur (Microcebus lehilahytsara) part bear part starfish from the movie Madagascar decided to take the wheels, which he then crashed. Causing King Julien to paralyze from the neck down.

Here's what King Julien has to say:
"Mort got us in a fucking car wreck. I'm now paralyzed from the neck down and I cannot move it move it"

a sad but true story

what am I doing with my life
King Julien: Mort got us in a fucking car wreck. I'm now paralyzed from the neck down and I cannot move it move it
Me: haha meaningless humor to escape my responsibility go brrr
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A pre-wrecked car is the ideal first car for a teenage boy, to be bought by his parents for his graduation. Since it has been demolished and nearly totaled it will be very safe for him to drive until he can afford a real car. Nobody will want to even drive close to him because they will think he is a dangerous driver just from the look of the car.
When Zit's parents presented him with his Pre-wrecked Car, Zit said :"I will not be caught dead driving that thing", to which his parents answered:"Exactly, you will not be dead in this car since it does not go over 35 miles an hour, another good feature of a "pre-wrecked car". His parents also added :"nobody will get close to this car, only a brand spanking new one is targeted for accidents".
by llamacat88 February 18, 2012
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