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A young female, usually to be found associating herself with older males. Typically skanky rather than naturally attractive, she applies excessive amounts cheap makeup and wears trashy clothes in an attempt to attract attention from car-owning males. Little Miss Car Slut hangs around young car-owning wiggas in the misguided hope that she'll become incredibly popular, or at least score some free transport in the process.

In a tragic downwards spiral, many of these desperados she seeks will bury themselves in unserviceable amounts of debt to attract Little Miss Car Slut with shiny paint and bling wheels untastefully added to their uninspiring rice chariots. The desperados she hangs around with think it'll be worth the money when Little Miss Car Slut puts out, but in reality she's just a cock tease. Continuing the downward spiral, Little Miss Car Slut will move on to a new desparado as each successive one wakes up to her games, resulting in desperado war.
eg. Pamella is such a Car Slut
by dan February 29, 2004
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As stated by Conrad.
But can also be a chick who hang's around dude's with nice cars and gives the guys pussy for driving her places. Will suck dick jus' to get driven around the City all night in a nice ride. Will root any guy with a hot car even if he's ugly. Often seen chilling in carparks on the bonnet of a souped up Honda Civic, complete with spoiler and the subwoofer cranked up.
"That car slut always sneaks along for the ride on other peoples missions, so that he doesnt have to pay petrol money."
"Yell out to those car slut's. See if we can pick 'em up."
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
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A person who will jump into any car he can get his ass into, regardless of whos driving and where they are going
Hey whats going on?, Where are we goin?
get the fuck out you Car Slut
by Conrad March 27, 2003
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Someone who talks about cars all the time.
especially: One who tells non carsluts details about cars that they have no interest in whatsoever.
AL: Listen, the interior of the Konda JX7845t-1.894RED011Berg has heat sensitive controls that recognize who the driver is just by the temperature of their ass.
ME: AL, you're such a carslut.
by Falkan March 06, 2003
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1.someone who jumps in anyone elses car at any given opurtunity
2.Someone who spends more time in a car than anything else
Get out of my car you carslut.
Go and get a car of your own your carslut.
by ... March 27, 2003
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i class car cluts as girls that will only have time to talk to the boys and not try and make friends with the girls aswell and girls who prance around in a belt and a baby shirt just to show off there bodys.. girls that lean over cars or stand there flirtin with other girls guys or guys with nice cars so everyone looks at them there only in it for ATTENTION and POPULARITY and HOT CARS but really there only gettin a REPUTATION
Car sluts only in it for the car
tarty 12 year olds trying to walk in heels
people wit just belts and a baby shirt on
girls that wer make up when they dont no how to apply it
girls who flirt with others boys
girls who try and make themselves look better than everyone
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