Somebody who will do anything for women. A fool who will buy dinner, diamonds, pearls, clothing, etc because he thinks that he will get some play but always ends up alone.
I don't know why he alwayz tryin ta be a captain Save-A-Hoe.
by Shahi December 27, 2005
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A Captain save a hoe is somebody (primarily males) who try to turn a hoe (´s) life around by letting them live with them, getting them a job, etc. The name was coined by bay area rapper E-40 when he made a song of the same name.
by Juicebud May 7, 2019
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Derived from a 1993 rap song by rapper E-40 about the adventures of a Financial savior to underpriviledged inner city hood rats.

A golddigger's dream. A man that will drop dimes on you (i.e. get your hair and nails done, take care of your childroes, pay your bills)

A man that does this is usually Captain Savin'

See Captain Savin'
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's plane!
Wus that foolz name
Captain Save A Hoe main
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
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The phrase was popularized by from that e-40 song to refer to a dude that plays the role. buy girls shit, gives them money and eats the box execively. Mean while she uses his ass for all that shit. Dude falls in love to soon. shit like that
"Its a bird its a plane what is that niggas name captain save a hoe, hey" -E-40-
The guys keeps buying flowers for that girl he just meet. What a Captain save a hoe mother fucker
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 18, 2005
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Captain Save a Hoe is a popular phrase that originated in 1965 and came from black exploitation movies to describe men who would give money to women who didn't earn it.
Don't be a captain save a hoe
by Anyonecanmakedefinitionshere January 30, 2018
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He is the ONLY one that can make everything okay for EVERYONE he thinks he is responsible for. Usually adults that have already taken advantage of his generous nature. Or people who have not asked for help but he is going to step in and HANDLE everything for them because ONLY HE can rescue them from the perceived crisis
Of course he cannot leave and have a good time with friends or girlfriend, the world might end if Captain Save a Hoe isn't there to keep the worsening on it's axis.
I can't be away too long I (Captain Save a Hoe) needs to check they remember to wipe their ass before they pull their pants up.
by TTYL6 May 20, 2022
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likes any girl he sees if she is fine or got ass will bend head of heels for her to just to get sends paragraphs, write songs about her, but doesn’t even talk to her in public, and won’t even pull the girl and just be getting played, and is also a home wrecker will wreck and relationship but doesn’t even pull the girl and just be her lil play thing.
Damn He is such a captain save a hoe needs to get his life together!
by Cej The Thot Slayer February 2, 2020
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