Not lying/ not tripping/ telling the truth periodt
Damn that girl has a fat ass no cap
by K hend May 26, 2019
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It means usually, “for real”, “On God” , “No Flex”. Basically, it is to describe something of exponential magnitude to a person. Normally used to describe jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a new rarri you bought off the lot, or something you can obtain with ease and if isn’t nothing to someone like you.
Joey: Damn check the wrist, it’s flooded with VVS diamonds all around rose gold ya feel me.
Simpleton: Damn Joey, you’re a Drip God, no cap!

Tekashi 69: I let my nuts hang...right.
Charlemagne Da God: no cap, I bet you do!
Pusha T: Drake got a bastard son, by a butter face trying to hide him.
Drake: It was “God’s Plan”, no cap!
by TaterTotGod May 31, 2018
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An attempt to correct your previous CAPITALIZED message which you really didnt intend to
Person 1: hey man are you coming with us tonight
Person 1: Why are you yelling?
Person 2:*CAPS
Person 2*caps
by fruitloopsVScornpops July 19, 2008
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meaning "no lie," it is a misspelling of "no Kapp," where Kapp is a FFZ emote on Twitch.Tv, a sliced picture of the emote Kappa, which is used like "suuuuuuure," so "no Kapp" means no lie
guy1: aye bruh u lyin
guy2: it really happened no cap
by kumiko_enthusiast December 2, 2018
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Lie, which is the more popular definition;

or a period of 20 minutes.

No cap” refers to no lie being told.
“Andrew, let’s meet up in one cap.”
“Okay Justin, I’ll see you in twenty.”

—> A cap is a twenty minute time period, so these people are planning on meeting up in twenty minutes.

Devon, your playlist is really good no cap.”
—> Someone is telling Devon that his playlist is honestly very good.
by YouReallyWould April 8, 2019
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Aussie slang for mdma (ecstasy), often in Australia mdma is snorted and placed in capsules for distribution.
oi starky brah how many caps ya do last night?
by the cracky lordddd June 13, 2018
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Slang for "no lie" or "for real" 🚫🧢
I love James so freaking much. No cap 🚫🧢
by may_junejuly March 4, 2020
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