2 definitions by K hend

Chloe is the super judgmental ass cracker. Even tho she is fucking judgmental she will stick by you through everything. She really looks at your personality as a key factor so you have to be careful with how you say and do things but ya know gotta learn somehow. She will talk to you everyday and all day and it will turn your whole mood around. She’s nice (sometimes) but can be a lil mean ass but u have to learn to not be a damn sensitive ass bitch. She’s super duper pretty and she knows that she is too. If someone knows a chloe they know that she is a hell of a good ass friend and will be your favorite person in the whole wide world, you also know that u couldn’t stop talking to her even if you wanted to because she’s the best man.
Wow Chloe is really fucking gay
by K hend May 26, 2019
Not lying/ not tripping/ telling the truth periodt
Damn that girl has a fat ass no cap
by K hend May 26, 2019