No lie, On God, a definition of telling the truth. Basically no flex.
J: I No cap think that bitch get around bruh
LEVI: Word

Danique: This engagement ring a real deal?

Kentavious: NO mfkn CAP bro!
by StayUpZONE6 February 18, 2018
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lying for no reason. like actually why would you say this
zero: I go to Yale

everyone: STOP THE CAP
by Ouzi May 3, 2021
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Slang To not lie or to be telling the truth.
Bro like no cap she fine af. Or nah bro you capping she ugly af.
by Anonymous5566777 October 15, 2018
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"man that dumb ass was talkin shit so i just whipped out my pistol and capped that mutha fuka!"
by drew_meister March 20, 2003
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Like on god on my life. Normally used when saying something that is unbelievable.
Person 1: Bro I just hit that girl from behind.

Person 2: Nah you didn't you lieing.

Person 1: Bro no cap I did.
by HandleThatBih February 3, 2020
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to shoot someone with a handgund turned to the side
nigga back off or im a cap yo ass wit a rusty nine!
by Nick The Hobo March 8, 2004
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