when you blindly defend someone, no matter how wrong they are.
In his argument with Vetta, Larry kept saying, "don't be mean to Susan."
"Why are you caping so hard for Susan, when you know she slapped my mom?" Vetta asks angrily.
"Because she's my friend." Larry said.
by waking&shaking October 6, 2015
Caping or to cape is when a man is trying to get some ass but makes it really obvious.
“Omg how hard Josh is caping on Emily.“
Ye he could fly to Australia with that cape
by coochiesupplier420 November 26, 2019
Wearing a cape in a public place, preferably a high traffic environment for maximum exposure. Capes can be made out of anything from bed sheets to flags, but must be long enough to flow gloriously from its owner in case they need to fly away on a whim. When posing for photos while caping, one should assume the 'super stance' (one fist to the sky and the opposite leg elevated from the ground) and most importantly, their cape must ALWAYS appear to be flying (either by natural means or from an assistant). Cape Nation is the official Facebook group for members.
Dude, we are totally going caping tomorrow night in Santa Monica.
by Erelict August 3, 2011
nicole: can I borrow your SpiritCape this weekend?

thomas: why?

nicole: because we're caping on the lake.
by Duke-Nukem October 31, 2013
When someone is protecting, covering for or being a “hero” for another person.
Lisa always gotta cape for Jay when he gets caught leaving early.”
by Juicy_ma June 5, 2020
Jay is such a cape, he has a Ravenclaw bed spread.
by Edward Loose September 1, 2018
Cape Cod-- a vacation spot in SE Massachusetts
by M-easy July 5, 2003