1: A woman who once brought into the bed room , automaticaly takes her clothes off and lies on the bed, back down, face up, legs spread wide open.

2: A woman easily coerced into sexual pleasure, free of charge.
Ex: Yeah, Man she's hot, but watch out that bed spread has been all over town.

Ex.2: Hell yeah, I'm going to the club to pick up a fine-ass,bed spread.
by the anonymous conundrum November 28, 2007
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The act of ejaculating over a large surface area
Leah : 'He was bed spreading all over me last night'
by asdfghjklmnbbvc February 4, 2014
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Damn that girl aint nothing but a bed spread, she fucks everybody.
by ed oneill August 15, 2006
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A female college freshman who spends the majority of her first year drunk and on her back legs spread in the dorms. They are usually drunk prior to arrival at the party, are overly loud, and gain attention from desperate Bro's attracted to their slutty dress attire, lack of morals and boobs which constantly stay out of their dress.

Ways to recognize a Bed-Spread are by the shoes, which usually end up in their hands by the end of the night walking bare feet down South High st. Or by the identifier names such as Brittany, Lindsey, Ashley, and Candy
Campus Bed-Spread jargon includes

Im like..so drunk right now

I dont give a fuck

I like...the best at giving head
by The Right Guy. September 27, 2010
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1.) The substance covering sheets after sex.

2.) The method by which a single sleeper can occupy an entire king size mattress.
We knocked the bottom out bae, I feel like I am in a sandwich with all this bed-spread.

I always have to sleep on the sofa, Karen is a master of bed-spreading.
by aalh October 9, 2020
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