Cape Cod, massive tourist location in Eastern MA. Home to beautiful beaches, crazy parties, chill peeps, and countless irreplaceable memories.
Hey man, this summer we gotta go hit up the Cape!
by the beach bum September 10, 2008
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Cape Saint Claire. A Neighborhood in Annapolis MD, where dozens of little white boys try their hardest to be black. They wish they lived in Baltimore, although don't have any real idea of what it would be like. Some carry guns thinking they are cool. Some do Coke. Most of all they are all Wiggers. Little wannabe Niggers.
Yo Dawg, lets get fucked up with a bunch of wannabe hood rats in Cape.
by Blaza August 15, 2005
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when a gay woman has a boyfriend/husband or child in an attempt to cover the fact she is gay

Female equivalent of when a gay man calls his girlfriend a "beard"
Me: "oh look, Sharon has put a cape on"
You: "she should just be proud of who she is and accept that she is gay"
by lilsmoosh June 10, 2020
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The art of caping is to traverse an enclosed space, using a cape to add dramatic effect on entering or exiting said enclosure.

Caping is a great pastime for people who are easily bored and have friends willing to record them looking like retards. Public caping is more adventurous and is harder to pull off without actually freaking people out.
Caping is usually recorded and uploaded to social networking sites to gain kudos for the level of comedy, aesthetic or endangerment accomplished in execution.

The rules for caping:
1. One must use a cape.

2. The enclosure must be hollow, solid and opaque.

3. One must add drama to the caping; more is better.

4. One must make it known that they are caping. Saying 'I am caping' usually get this across. Sternly announcing it will ensure a good result.

5. One's safety should always be considered. Properly thought through caping procedures should always go to plan.
One should never put oneself at undue risk.

6. Every cape that is captured must be named.
Dude, me and my friends did a caping in this cinema yo...peepz were all freaked out and shit.
by elkresto October 19, 2011
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a shorty that would be for your own, but she would be looking at your homie
yo son, you shorty is no good, she is a cape
by QnsMostWanted November 17, 2003
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Only the worst show in history!.. Honestly NBC must have been on some wrong pills when they put this out.. It's cheesy characters and plot drive you nuts, turn your stomach, and make you find yourself googling about how terrible the show is.... The upsides of the show is the max malini/melinisp dude who is actually degrading himself being part of this fucking show!. Fuck I wonder why I keep going back to watch the mothafucking show.... Notice how he jumps out of nowhere and thinks he's such a badass........ fuck I'm frustrated trying to describe the show.
wasting a productive hour of your life basically sniffing shit

i should use the cape to wipe my ass
by chik-fil-a March 1, 2011
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