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King of Wei, Prime Minister of the Han and self styled warlord of the Three Kingdoms era of China. Brilliant in politics and a genius in warfare, Cao Cao rose to fame during the Yellow Turban rebellion and later used his small private army to rule half of China within 30 years. After his death, his son Cao Pi removed the Han emperor from power to proclaim the kingdom of Wei, thus ending 400 years of reign from the bankrupt Han.
by Radish July 30, 2003
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The greatest leader in the three kingdoms era. He was strong, but not tyranical. His power and intelligence helped him form the most powerful army at the tim in wei, but was defeated at chi bi and later died supposedly of a brain tumor.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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Cao Cao fought in the Yellow Turban Rebellion,and then he fought Yuan Shao,he defeated him in the year 200,after that,he established the Wei Dynasty,he bacame King of Wei in 216 A.D.he died of brain tumour in 220 A.D.
Cao Cao lived from 155 A.D.-220 A.D.
by Mo June 06, 2004
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