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A gianormous 4A school in New Braunfels, Texas with mazes of hallways that seem to move around like the staircases on Harry Potter-to freshmen that is. Colors are red and white. School of the mighty cougars, consisting of an EXCELLENT dance team - Aristocats and competitive cheer team. Has a strange red turfed football feild that hosts their almost undefeated football team. Greatest rival is NBHS Unicorns. Has a wonderful choir that wins sweepstakes every year. People try to transfer from NBHS all the time for this schools all around greatness, including the abscence of extreme drama, bullying and cliques. The teachers here are good at what they do and are paid well. (Non biast.) Can see why it costs so much money to transfer to this school if youre living in a different district!
Reporter:Is there anything this highschool lacks in?
Student:Nope... Well except secret passageways....nope i think there actually might be some...

NB Cheerleader:Mommeee I want to move to Canyon High School because their cheer team always wins their competitions!!
Mom:Feel free to pay the 3,200$ per semester.
by Misshotmess August 20, 2011
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Canyon is a high school in Anaheim Hills, California. It is said that 70% of canyon high school students are currently using some kind of drug. To make things even whorse, this school is very near the school that Rebecca Black went to, El Rancho Charter School. Canyon High is often called the "Pharmacy" as it is a host to a large drug market. Canyon's rival school, Villa Park High School, is a mix of illegal mexicans with no money and rich white people who don't give a fuck about them. The staff at Canyon sucks. The Canyon High School football team is terrible; in fact, the Comanches celebrated a loss to Villa Park High School 63-0. Just check the vphs website for the score if you don't belive me.
VP student: "The Canyon High School football team sucks so much that we beat them 63 to 0.

Canyon student: "yeaaaaaaaaaaaa... woohoooooooo... go Comanches!!!!!!! good job!!!!! way to go!!!!!!!! best game of the season!!!!!!!!! ... etc."
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A high school in Canyon Country which consists of (from largest to smallest races) white,mexican,black,asian,and indian students.
Someone's car was on fire at Canyon High School!
by Canyon High Student July 10, 2008
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