The act of traveling to the Merritt Canteen to get some amazing grub such as the Brutal Dog, Clam Strips, Mac-N-Cheez Bites, or a 1/3lbs Bison Cheeseburger. Preferably around 2 a.m. when your high or drunk as fuck.
Are we canteening when you get home?
For sure

Canteen Canteen
by canteen freak December 13, 2011
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A type of portable jar (complete with a cap) able to hold much water, and only water.
"The military uses water canteens which are put into pouches. Or should I say they used to. Now there is a straw beside them which allows them to move their lips sideways to slurp. Kinda nice, not to mention hi-tech, but let's hope it doesn't foster laziness."
by Dave June 29, 2004
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The lunch room for the guy at the depot. The canteen is now Dum Dums (who is from whoreleons) turf. If you buy anytings from any other source (Glen), Dum Dum will scream at you until he is on the brink of a stroke. The main food groups sold at the canteen are Chucks, Twix saputo products and of course, toass. Some guy steals from the depot to run his grow operation.
"Guy, we have a viande in the Cantsteens today, because some guy steal from the cantsteens and some other guy put the toass in the wrong slots!"
by John the old cleaner December 7, 2004
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A prisoner who has sex in exchange for candy bars, soda or snacks at the canteen. Insulting term for a stupid or weak man or a homosexual.
Shit, don't pay no attention to Jimmy. He's nothing but a canteen punk, blow ya for a snickers bar.
by Anonymous November 8, 2002
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a common military anti boredom tool. produced when you take the mre heater and drop it into a half full, plastic canteen. as the canteen is air tight for chemical warfare purposes, the pressure will build until it explodes. not very devistating, but a very nice pop in the middle of the night!
"Why is Spc Dingleberry emptying all of those latrines?"
"yeah, he rolled an canteen grenade into Sgt tinydicks tent last night after he caught him having cyber sex with his wife."

by William Burkhalter May 7, 2008
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A phrase which recognises that something or someone has been around forever and effectively gives off that point without being too descriptive and yet retaining an air of cool about the person delivering the comment
That guy is as old as the hills, he's been drinking round here since Nineteen Canteen.
by TheBoyCinders February 26, 2008
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