3 definitions by William Burkhalter

Military slang for getting bent over or fucked in the work place. usually by an officer or over eager senior NCO.
"ok people, i know were supposed to head home from the desert tomorrow, but if we do another 2 months we can all get a short tour ribbon and i dont have one yet!"

from the crowd "Lean position ho!!!!!!!!!"
by William Burkhalter May 7, 2008
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a common military anti boredom tool. produced when you take the mre heater and drop it into a half full, plastic canteen. as the canteen is air tight for chemical warfare purposes, the pressure will build until it explodes. not very devistating, but a very nice pop in the middle of the night!
"Why is Spc Dingleberry emptying all of those latrines?"
"yeah, he rolled an canteen grenade into Sgt tinydicks tent last night after he caught him having cyber sex with his wife."

by William Burkhalter May 7, 2008
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To fake excitement about a task or project. Usually used in military slang.
"Man we gotta give a tour to the general and act like we like it. guess we gotta fake it till you make it."
by William Burkhalter May 7, 2008
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