The definition comes from the movie (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) it is an inevitable event or action good or bad that is supposed to happen that results your future self.
for example a Canon event can be the the time where peter parker became Spider-man because he got bit by a mutated spider and that his uncle got murdered by a burglar which in result made him want to do justice and become a superhero
by KingMorales June 7, 2023
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Event: Someone must get folded, for Spiderman to be molded
Do not break the canon event, Miles! - Miguel O'Hara
by Andester June 18, 2023
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a canon event is something that’s supposed to happen across the multiverse to add development in the persons life(happens to all the same people in different ways but still the same outcome)
did you see what happened to peter losing his uncle ben (someone important to him) everyone else has lost uncle ben too if it wasn’t for him none of us would be’s a canon event it needs to happen so we can all function.
by IjaythrowsxI June 6, 2023
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An event in someone's life that must happen, in order to keep the balance of the multiverse and a development in their storyline. If you happen to change or distrupt it, the multiverse will collapse.
"Hey, i saw Jhon's girl with another man! should we tell him?"

"Nah man, it's his canon event!"
by anjinglah June 7, 2023
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An event everyone must go through to keep the universe intact. Typically this event has effects on character development
by geometric123 June 16, 2023
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Person 1: WAIT DAD NO
Spiderman 2099: bro its a canon event
by KaiserNotReally July 23, 2023
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Something that has to happen for the stability of the multiverse to remain, such as Pewdiepie going towards the bridge or EDP getting a Cupcake
Gorbachev: Who are you and how did you get in here *In Russian*
Miguel O’hara: Mr.Gorbachev, you must tear down that wall, it’s a canon event
Gorbachev: Are you the Capitalist Spider hero or are you Ronald Reagan *In Russian*
Miguel O’hara: It doesn’t matter, tearing down that wall will lead to the collapse of the USSR, which is a Canon Event
by August 12, 2023
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