U.S Military slang, meaning to cancel summarily
If you don't shape up corporal, I will cank your promotion.
by PJNevada March 24, 2009
A woman which is both a cunt and a skank.
Dang look at that rusty ass cank!!!
by Asia kimm December 10, 2011
A nonviolent, attractive gang of girls who are sexually active, usually between the ages of 11-18. Also can be used as a reference to something cool.
Carley: "Let's hang with cank."
Allie: "I wish I was a cank."
Nikki: "That ride is cankin'!"
Kim: "We could cank that."
by CankGurl May 30, 2010
A dirty rotten swine type of person.
My ex was a cank. She kept cheating on me with old men.
by twin_stacks October 16, 2019
A swear word meaning "a pain in the @$$". It originated after "canker sore"
"You're a Cank" "These people are Canks" "What a Cank"
by Mc-Newbie January 1, 2020
Person 1: "Got any condoms?"
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 3: "I need a cank, that's why!"
by pozjh June 7, 2010