To anally penetrate a straight black man with a woman's dragon dildo.
"Yo kenty just got hella cancled"
"Yeah I saw that 15 inch dragon dildo shoved right up his ass"
"Lemme get my lube"
by SloveniaNumberOne April 22, 2021
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Some dude spelling 'cancel' wrong in hypixel skyblock, main hub, on 9/25/2020 at 5:30 pm.
person 1:"ugh, i have to cancle this subscription. i don't f**king need VIP!'
person 2:"cancle?"
person 1:"shut the hell up."
by FifiTheFifi September 25, 2020
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You like dropping soap in front of gay black men and letting them penetrate you after they ask for your nudes and you lick there nutty for satisfaction getting flavor or their feet.
W man’s I’m an cancle oops I dropped my soap in front of a black man. “Moaning sounds”
by Urcreepyuncleinyourroom April 24, 2023
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