Ya’ll are literally the nicest people alive, cancers should be proud because the queen Ariana Grande is a cancer! But I know a lot of cancers in real life, so I can relate. You are sometimes hyper, and sometimes you can be really chill. You guys make THE BEST jokes ever and that’s why everyone likes you. If you are friends with a cancer please keep them safe because they are literally the sweetest angels alive. This doesn’t apply to every cancer tho, some cancers can be bad sadly :(. Cancers are really cool and most of them won’t be fake. But please be careful, some cancers can actually be devils.
Elise: are you a cancer
Molly: yeah why
Elise: OMG thats so cool can we be friends

Molly: yeah but what zodiac are you?
Elise: im an aquarius
Molly: oh I like that sign let’s be friends!
Elise: yayyy!
Both: *dances in spanish*
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by Arianas rat February 08, 2021
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A 13yr old called Jacob Sartorious who thinks he is loved by someone.
Jacob: When you go to sleep that night...

A normal person: Ahhhhhhhhhhh I have cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( the ear type)
by SUN GODE DOGE June 25, 2017
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Kid “can I get fortnite “

Dad “ I don’t want you to get cancer to soon tho
by Nugget101 August 20, 2019
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