True, pure brew from the one and only Great White North. Not watered down like inferior American brew, just slow brewed to perfection. Canaidan beer is on average 5% - 5.5% alcohol, while Canaidan light beer is around 4% - 4.5%. The biggest Canadian brands are Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Labatt's Blue, Moose Head, Steam Whistle, Waterloo Dark, Niagara's Best, and even the cheap ass Lakeport.
Canadian beer is an icon, a symbol, and a legend
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 17, 2009
-the sweet nectar of heaven
-the official drink of God and Jesus
"i drink Canadian beer, my wife on the otherhand drinks american beer because she's a nice young lady"
by Phil Giroux December 4, 2003
A Canadian beer is a beer that is any of the following:
a) brewed in Canada
b) strong enough to make you go blind
c) referred to as "hard alcohol" in America
Molson, Steam Whistle, Moosehead, Keith's and Lakeport are all Canadian beers.
by Master_T_ November 14, 2006
A variation of traditional college Beer Pong (aka Beirut) designed for an uneven number of players. With 6 or 10 (or however many you want) solo cups on each side, the game is played 1 v. 1 with all other players starting on the sideline. As soon as a cup is made, the recipient of the made cup retires to the sideline with his/her cup full* of beer, and the next in line steps in to take the loser's place. Possession goes immediately back to the maker of the cup. No re-racking mid-turn. Two (2) re-racks are allowed per side. The game ends when one player makes the final cup on one of the sides. No redemptions. Additional rules: Rollbacks must be thrown behind the back. No bouncing (that's for pussies). Cups must be drained before taking a shot. House rules are always applicable and can alter aforementioned rules. *Full beers are not necessary, though preferred.
Despite the fact that I sank every cup, that uncoordinated buffoon won Canadian Beer Pong because his last shot happened to bounce off of a wounded soldier into the last cup.

Hey guys! Michael's being a lame-ass tonight so we only have 3 people willing to have fun. Let's play Canadian Beer Pong!

Hey bros! It's a Monday and I don't want to do my work. Let's play Canadian Beer Pong with full beers and get bananalated.
by Hullabahoos October 19, 2010