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It's a trade name for a major cannabis growing firm in Canada. The name comes from 'CANAdian CAnnabis'. Since marijuana in all its forms and uses is legal in Canada, this is a major agricultural company that grows hemp plants.
1. I reently took a big vacation going through Canada and New England. I entered Canada at Niagara Falls at bought some reefers and a lighter at a cannabis shop in town. Later on during a pit stop at the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory I got some gas for my car then I went next door to the Smoke On the Water shop (that's the actual name!) and I bought 3 more yellow submarines. When I arrived at the motel in Ottawa and got settled in for the next day of city touring I pulled out two doobies from my Canaca bottle and lit up.
2. Before I reentered the U.S.A. there were signs stating that you couldn't take weed out of Canada but I already smoked mine anyway. I did save my Canaca bottle and brought it back to America. empty.
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by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 07, 2019
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To practice the art of using lame pirate tactics and stealth to screw over your paying customers.
If you go over your monthly bandwidth limit, your internet host might Canaca and change the rates you were originally quoted from reasonable to robbery without any notice whatsoever.
by ajenteks July 03, 2005
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