originally comes from the idea that the white man can not see the black man's struggle, or perhaps chooses not to see his struggle.
The phrase has been adapted as a statement of toughness to indicate superiority.
"I just spent the last 6 months in county."

"Whatever, you can't see me."
by atlantastudent April 8, 2009
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refering to someone who is not on your level or who you believe is below you
a friend says: i can pull way more girls than you can

you say: you can't see me, i'll pull more than you ever could and they'll all be better looking too.
by DeFinerz January 26, 2006
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Another way of saying that you are untouchable and put everybody else to shame. Basically means you are unstoppable because if a person or thing can't see you they can't catch and/or attack you. Even though you are entirely visible it is a way of telling somebody that they can't fuck with you and they are not on your level.
Person 1: "WTF! You beat me a Halo again!?"

Person 2: "Damn straight biatch..."You can't see me!"
by IceWarm October 16, 2004
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A common thing John Cena will say to you if you mess with him. He will show off first and do the Five-Knuckle-Shuffle on you. Then you'll pretty much have 2 teeth left.
You Can't See Me! Five-Knuckle-Shuffle
by Bob642382 October 1, 2017
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What someone says as they cover their eyes and pretend to be invisible. They are looking for attention, so give them some, THWAP!
Sween - (covers eyes) You can't see me!
John - (smacks sween in the back of the head) Now I see you, you little rascal!
by Flipynif July 6, 2004
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Can't see me was a theory explored by Albert Einsten on why John Cena can't be seen by the naked eye. Within the first week of investigations Einstein had a blood vessel burst near his heart, leading to his death.
by Killthetaxman May 9, 2022
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