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Every Camie will exhibit a positive correlation between beauty and unpredictability. So, one must be very cautious with a beautiful Camie, especially if one wishes to pair-bond. Her charm, intelligence, sense of adventure and character will undoubtedly grab your attention, if not your heart. A Camie is always looking for excitement and new thrills.
Dang! Look at that beautiful Camie! I'd better go lock up the gun cabinet.
by Madcash2020 December 3, 2018
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Camie is a very positive person. She can be the most trustworthy best friend you will ever have! She loves music and is always doing something. Kind of a crappy chess player but there is always room for learning. When you look into her eyes, you'll never want to look away. She has always had her heart set on one special boy, even through all the guys she's dated. When she laughs, it lights up the room. If you ever become friends or meet anyone named Camie, keep her close!
Damn that camie is really something
I gotta get me some of that badonkadonk!
by PoptartMan243 January 26, 2021
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someone beautiful, and unique that everyone loves the way she acts. shes a very outgoing person with a unique name. everyone loves being around her and her enemies are just jealous of what shes got
shes got it all. theres so much to say. She can be described as a rose; beautiful, loving, admirable, etc.
by n/a April 22, 2005
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A red-headed girl who is typically a sex addict, pot smoker, smoker in general, and a horny bitch. She cant be quiet (always loud) even when you tell her to whisper. She's outgoing, ditzy, and the bestest friend you will ever have.
1) "Oh damn! That Camie can't hold her liquor, but her lungs can smoke like a chimney!"

2) "I asked her if she wanted to screw, and she attacked me like a Camie!!!"
by POOP :) January 26, 2010
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A a girl who is extremely spirited and intellectual. She has a very keen sense of perception about people and life in general. It's almost beyond comprehention of how much is in her heart. Camy is a very outgoing, bubbly, energetic person that loves to be the center of attention. May sometimes be slightly dramatic if they do not get their way. She may act like a goof and maybe a little clueless ,but she could have the most intelligent conversation with just about anyone. Undoubtedly a person you want on your side and to always be friends with. Camy is a truly a very rare thing and should not be handled lightly.
I look up to the type of people who are Camy!
by Mini Stache November 9, 2012
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Absolutely radiant. Extremely beautiful, intelligent, interesting girl. Once you find one, don't let go, because she is well worth everything
Wow, was that a falling star?

Nope, that was Cami.
by jr-13 March 29, 2015
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That of a rare kind. A blessing; never a curse. However, be ware of toying with its emotions. However gentle and kind, this fragile being can be toiled with and ruined forever. Be there for her and always let her know you care. Someone fun and outgoing and always good for a laugh. Kinky and seductive at times, don't let her fool you - she's too good for that just yet =)
by Cami March 22, 2005
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