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A a girl who is extremely spirited and intellectual. She has a very keen sense of perception about people and life in general. It's almost beyond comprehention of how much is in her heart. Camy is a very outgoing, bubbly, energetic person that loves to be the center of attention. May sometimes be slightly dramatic if they do not get their way. She may act like a goof and maybe a little clueless ,but she could have the most intelligent conversation with just about anyone. Undoubtedly a person you want on your side and to always be friends with. Camy is a truly a very rare thing and should not be handled lightly.
I look up to the type of people who are Camy!
by Mini Stache November 09, 2012
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A Very Kind And Corky Girl. She Is A REAL Nerd And Is Funny.She Gets Straight A's And Mabye Will Get A B In Soicial Studies.A Great Girl To Be Around And Is Very Greatful And Makes You Fell Happy When Your Not. Also She Is Amazingly Artistic.
Zoe: Camy is Such A Good Friend. Random Popular Girl: I Wish My Best Friend Was A Camy
by Weirdo c; 2025 June 06, 2015
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